[Firmware] OpenTX 2.0.17


Bonjour à tous 🙂

La version 2.0.17 d’OpenTX pour nos radios FrSky Taranis (entre autre) est sorti il y a 3 jours de cela.

Au menu des nouveautés :


  • Fixed reverse polarity on external PPM output. Users with external module in PPM mode should check and update PPM polarity setting.
  • File deletion in SD manager did not free used clusters (all radios with SD card)
  • Fixed Lua lcd.drawLine() problem with slanted lines
  • Fixed bad SWR after flight or telemetry reset (#2015)
  • Fixed missing timer voice minute call when triggered by THt (#2009)
  • Lua model.insertInput() could not add a line to an empty input or at the end of the existing input lines (#2084)
  • Fixed radio slowdown when SD card was full (#2007)
  • Added Mixers Monitor screen (#1945)
  • Fixed Lua lcd.drawPixmap() that could write outside the LCD buffer (#2123)
  • Gps positon display fixed: fractional seconds lacked leading zeros (#2144)
  • More memory available for Lua scripts (#2050)
  • Various texts and translations corrections
  • Telemetry bars title fix (#2203)


  • Fixed USB access problem with SD cards larger than 4GB (#2154)


  • nooverridech firmware option was not working
  • Fixed setting Expo from gvars for 9XR-Pro (#2040)
  • Added Mixers Monitor screen option mixersmon (#1945)
  • Added audio playing in simulator (#457)
  • Fixed sorting of audio tracks (#2002)
  • Model wizard fixes (#2091)
  • GVAR names removed for 9x, radio doesn’t support them (#2150)
  • Some LS sources didn’t follow the Imperial units setting (#2180)
  • Added more fields to the telemetry simulator (#2171)
  • Log viewer improvements and massive speed increase (#1863, #2163)
  • Added Battery meter range setting (#2195)
  • Improvements in Print and Compare dialogs (#2219)
  • Reset pots to the middle by right double clicking them in Simulator (#1939)
  • Minor fixes: #2153, #2138, #2090, #2122


Un point important pour lequel il faudra checker si tout fonctionne comme souhaité après la mise à jour est la correction du bug de polarité de la trame PPM, si vous utilisez le port TRAINER (écolage) ou bien un module externe en PPM (module ezUHF par exemple).

Cette nouvelle version se trouve ici : http://www.open-tx.org/2015/05/04/opentx-2.0.17/

Bonne journée,


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